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How I quit my job after eight years

How I quit my job after 8 years

If you’re reading this blog, it’s probably because the idea of quitting is swirling in your head. So, let me share with you how I quit my job after eight years.

Nowadays, I can swear that even the most minor adventure hides a giant reward. However, back in 2013 when I embarked on my journey to the United States, I had nothing clear except my decision to explore the world.

Admit it, Valentina, you’ll always be an adventurous girl.

I landed in Miami with tremendous uncertainty. I brought along my professional degree and the excitement of pursuing a career in engineering, but I assumed I would end up studying something else or working in a restaurant.

Phew! If someone was lost, that was me. Fortunately, my doubts dissipated with the breeze of Miami.

I collaborated with a relative’s business while searching for job interviews. A couple of weeks later, I joined a chemical products company, and in less than a month, I found a job that closely resembled what I desired as an engineer.

Luck or destiny?

In addition to arriving with my Green Card, As you can see I had great luck because I secured a stable job quickly. I enjoyed what I did and had time to explore with my camera, enjoy the outdoor life, and discover the joy of simple pleasures.

My happiness was so overwhelming, and my astonishment with this new environment was so great that in 2015, I opened a public Instagram account to share my landscape photos that multiplied every weekend and accumulated uselessly on my laptop.

How I quit my job after 8 years

The followers took only a short time to come. The audience grew extraordinarily. What did we do? We bet on our potential, and With my husband’s support we strategically modified the content to monetize. In less time than I expected, this turned into a part-time job.

It went better than we imagined. We filled ourselves with confidence and dared to dream big.

When the pandemic arrived, we took advantage of our savings as a lifeline to launch El Puerto Agency, our own advertising and content creation agency.

At that moment, I decided to leave the comfort of a fixed salary and fully dedicate myself to what I am passionate about. In March 2021, I quit my great job as an engineer, and I won’t lie to you, I was scared! Of course, I was scared, but it was worth it.

How I quit my job after 8 years

“It’s a kind of Magic.” We have been living as entrepreneurs for more than two years, and for me, the feeling is incomparable:

  • Incomparable the freedom to manage my time, train at my own pace, work from anywhere, or visit my family in Colombia whenever I want.
  • Incomparable the motivation to wake up daily to keep building my company, strengthening my brand, and shaping my destiny.
  • Incomparable the satisfaction of seeing clients who trust in our wisdom, our capabilities, our intuition, and our experience grow.

Life is too short to be where you are not happy.

So if you are thinking of taking the path of entrepreneurship, make your plan, work on it daily, and trust that you will achieve it because, as I told you at the beginning, all adventures bring great rewards.

Ok my friends, you already know how I quit my job after eight years. Now tell me about your experience. Are you already independent? How did you take that step? And if you still need to take it, let me know in the comments how I can help you.

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